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St. John Baptist Church

To proclaim the Gospel of Christ and the beliefs of the Christian faith, to win souls in obedience to Jesus Christ, to maintain the worship of God, and to inspire in all persons a love for Christ, a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of their duties to God and their fellow human beings.  To commit actively to the church and to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ, that increasingly we may know and do His will.  We pledge our lives to Christ and covenant with each other to demonstrate His Spirit through worship, witnessing, and ministry to the needs of the people of this church and the community. 

Sister Doris Carter
Church Secretary
Office hours 10:00am until 2:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
(804) 448-3866
Website Administrator
Doris Carter/Harriet Morrison


Our mission is to foster and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and our youth. Providing sound teachings of Jesus Christ through faith based teachings and guidance.  Empowering our youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Striving to draw our youth to responsible participation in church, communities and in life, through missions and outreach to foster personal and spiritual growth. Equipping our youth with knowledge and skills to nurture positive values to help them apply faith to daily life experiences.
Children's Church - Multi-purpose Room

Children's church is more than simply a place to drop off young children for parents to focus on church service. Children's church offers an important ministry to the church body. The purpose of Children's church is the prepare children for full participation in congregational worship, and to give young worshippers the opportunity to participate in a service that is designed for their understanding.   

At St. John, we have developed a sanctuary for the children which allows them to be interactive in the worship service. On 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday at 10am service the young worshippers act in such roles as worship leader, usher, deacon and trustee, as well as leading prayer and scripture reading. A gospel message is provided and the children are encouraged to participate by showing their knowledge of the lesson.  The flow of service is captured in their own church bulletin. 

The room also serves as a muti-purpose room. Intermediate youth (Ages  8-12) use the activity area for Sunday school and biblical lessons.  The room also functions as a multimedia room equipped with literature, a computer center, and audio visual center to stream biblical content, which solidifies the knowledge obtained through scriptures and lessons. The room is designed for children of all ages and stages of learning. Children's church maintains its vision through use of the multi-purpose room, allowing the children to discover their abilities through visual arts and hands-on activities.  

Teen Room - Activity Space

A church youth room builds an environment that is conducive to creativity, self expression, growth, and learning. It is a place teenagers can call their own. Teen rooms play an integral role in young people's ability to express themselves with a space that is an extension of their personalities, focus and culture.

At St. John, we have a unique group of youth who have many different talents.  As we encourage our youth to explore their potentional,  we also wanted to ensure that they had a space that fosters a home-like, safe, welcoming and comfortable environment. We designed the room using the original suggestions of the youth with some additional creativity to make the space functional.  The room serves as the meeting place for teen Sunday school, biblical lessons, study hall and a multimedia room.  We have introduced the use of 21st century technologies into the lessons. The youth utilize biblical apps to obtain biblical content for lessons. 

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At St John Baptist Church, "We are Family. Walking by Faith, Reaching Out with Love!"
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