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8:45am - 9:45am
First Sundays
8:00am Only
1st, 2nd, 3rd Wednesdays
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Sunday, May 3
Holy Communion

Sunday, May 10
Mother's Day

Sunday, May 17
Youth Sunday

Sunday, May 24
Memorial Day

Sunday, May 31 - 8:00am Only
5th Sunday Worship Service 


Sunday, June 21
Father’s Day 
Graduates Day


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Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day


This year, Mother's Day 2020 occurs on Sunday, May 10. Mother's Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. A Mother can be biological, step-mother, adopted mother or a person who you choose to recognize as a mother figure. Today a lot of grandmothers have to step back into the role of "Mother." Some mothers have gone to their heavenly home and some are living with us day to day.

Whatever your heart directs you to believe is your guidance. Mothers are a gift from God from the time of conception as nurturers, loving, speaking and teaching. They give whatever they have to their children and family. Even when life gives sharp blows they try their best to stay focused,  asking for God's wisdom and strength not to give up.

All of us remember lessons learned from our mother's growing up and even today. Lessons that came straight from the Bible: "If you treat people like you want to be treated they'll do the same for you," "God don't like ugly," and "Remember, don't think you are all that. Humble yourself."

Mother's that pray always know who has the final answer. They find their wisdom and knowledge from the true source of Life or Lord God.
Lessons taught. by our mothers give us a sense of endearment, love, honor and respect. Because you find yourselves at times saying something or doing something they said or did. Your memory brings it back to the forefront of your mind.  Then you smile.  A mother's love lasts forever. Even when a child or children do the opposite of what they were taught at a younger age. Mom continues pray, keeping her faith that God will turn them around. She may not be around to see it but she stands on God's Word, "Train children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6.

At times my mother would say something to me, and I would agree but in my conscious I wouldn't believe it. Now, it didn't come to pass right away but years later she was right. It's like time keeps ticking away but a promise given will eventually come to pass. Never forget the treasured times spent with your mother especially the younger years when you believed she didn't understand you (smile). As you grow older time shows you she understood you because once upon a time she was you. Proverbs 31:26 "She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness."

Mother's Day is a time of Love in action by Expressing in so many different ways. We give cards, flowers, candy or an assortment of gifts. This year when you remember Mom, Mother, Ma Dear, be a little creative (Write a letter, make your own card, prepare a meal, clean the house, Zoom or FaceTime, send a bouquet of balloons). For those of us whose mothers are in Glory, reflect on their laughter, good times and peace they have now. Whatever you do remember her with AGAPE LOVE (neverending with no conditions).

Always Praying the Lord Bless and Keep You

- Sister Tammie Ballard

Youth Accept Jesus Christ

Lauren Branch, Kaiya Monroe and Jacari Wright was baptized  on  the  First  Sunday  in March. They will receive the right hand of fellowship upon completion of the New Members Class. God bless these little one.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6

Congratulations Kiarra!
Congratulations Kiarra!

Kiarra completed a week-long Naval Maintenance and Supply Support Course in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as required by her job as a Logistics Analyst at Leidos in Manassas, Virginia. Kiarra supports the US Navy's SQQ89 Sonar System. She has had hands-on training with the sonar's active and passive detection and identification of enemy submarines. The Fleet Support Logistics Course trained Kiarra how to provide Maintenance and Supply Support for the SQQ89 sonar system.

Kiarra is a 2015 graduate of Caroline High School. In 2019, she graduated from Virginia Union University with a Bachelor degree in Political Science.

Missionary Ministeries

The Missionary Ministry is made up of volunteers who have joined together to carry out the missionary and benevolent efforts for the Church.

We evaluate the mission needs of the Church and community that will enable us to provide help for those in need. The members provide the money that supports these efforts. We are careful to investigate all of the cases that come to us for assistance.

We maintain communication with the state and local missionary associates in order to determine how St. John can be a resource in mission work in our church, community, state, and the world.

We work to help our bereaved families in our church by  serving  their  repasses after  funerals. We also host meals for church auxiliaries.

We have a visitation team that visit and offer comfort to members who are sick at home, hospital or in nursing facilities.

Our annual Missionary Day is celebrated the fourth Sunday in April.

Missionairies photo taken in 2016

Church Reports

Primary Election Day
June 23rd
Consider Voting Absentee. Encourage Others to Vote Absentee.


Contact Joyce Rollins or Lucille Bush with questions.

May Schedules
Preachers for May
•    1st Sunday - Rev. Robert Wright
•    2nd Sunday - Rev. Richard Monroe
•    3rd Sunday - Rev. Curtis Wright
•    4th Sunday - Rev. Joy Minor
•    5th Sunday - Rev. James Palmer

Bible Study for May
1st, 2nd, 3rd Wednesdays

  • Read Numbers Chapters 1-10
  • Mid-day Bible Study 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Tuesday at noon

Call or log on to start meeting at 617-941-8490.

Prayers for Our Families

  • Brother Mark Monroe
  • Brother Leslie Scott
  • Sister Lelia Carter
  • Sister Viola Shelton
  • Sister Bettye Cook
  • Sister Lauretta Pleasant
  • Sister Annie Mae Wright
  • Brother Percell Minor, Jr.
  • Sister Reaver Brewington

In memory and condolence to the families of:

  • Edith Wright
  • Twana Fortune Jones (Niece of Deacon Floyd Fortune)
  • Christian Foxx Robinson (Grandson of Candace Young Foxx)

Church Reports
Trustees Report
Women's Day Goal was met. Amount to be announced at a later date.
Mask ordered for church members.
5 purifiers ordered for Sunday School.

Deacons Report
Pastoral search application has been extended to the end of May.

Ministerial Report
Communion 1st Sunday. Use our own sacraments or come by the churck to pick up.

Womens Ministry Report
Will meet by conference call on May 16th. 
Good attendance on last call. 17 members called in.

All are welcome!

Thanks and Gratitude
Sister Ruth Wright would like to thank everyone who donated to the American Heart Association. She collected a total of $859.00. She is appreciative of the generous donations. May God bless you real good!

Thank you Connie Anderson for your work with the St. John website!

Thank you to Dea. Willie Wright and the Flower Ministry for their beautiful flower donations!

If you have articles, announcements, recipes, etc. to post in the newsletter, please contact Deacon Joyce Rollins at 804-448-2817. 

Submit all items by the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Birthday Acknowledgements
Birthday Acknowledgements

May He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

Psalm 20:4

April Birthdays May Birthdays
5 Marquis Johnson 2 Kenneth Freeman
Jeanne Wright
Willie H. Wright
7 Crystal Winn
Candace Foxx
Terrance Walker
3 Jeanette R. Lee
Diane Wilson
9 Shantay Henderson 5 Monique Rhodes
Burton Carter, Jr.
10 Majia Carpenter 6 Tayana Hamn
Sheila Pitts
Jasmine Monroe Jones
11 Lydia Coleman 7 Tracy Burnett
Eleanor Square
Carlton Dudley, Jr.
12 Viola Wright Shelton 9 Cynthia Golden
Yasmine Wright
Yasin Long
Yasir Long
14 Lou Harper 10 Kiarra Armstead
15 Horace Robinson
Jean Johnson
14 Willie Mae Taylor
17 Kiara Monroe Butler
Dr. Harriett Morrison
16 Reuben Rock
Ernest Samuel, Jr.
22 Dita Ferguson
Myrtle Fortune
Keisha Freeman
19 Marcell Minor
24 Justin Minor 21 Reaver Durham
27 Muriel Rhodes 24 Ronald Rock
Jairline Samuel
Lauren Wilson
29 William B. Foxx 26 Brandon Roots
27 Teiona Wilson
28 Natasha Gerber
29 Khalil Salahudin
30 Sabrina Addison
Johnny Wright
Wayne Scott
31 Bria O'Neal
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