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First Sundays
8:00am Only
1st, 2nd, 3rd Wednesdays
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Saturday, July 4th
Independence Day

Thursday, July 23rd
Vacation Bible School

Friday, July 24th
Vacation Bible School 


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Homecoming and Revival Service Set

Beautiful sky captured by J. Rollins 6/6/20

Homecoming and Revival Service Set

This year homecoming and revival services will not be the typical services that we have grown to love as we look forward to welcoming family and friends back home to worship together and share a traditional dinner in the fellowship hall.  
Since we are in the middle of a pandemic the leadership has elected to have Homecoming and Revival Services via the church conference line. 

On Sunday, August 16th, Rev. Lance Watson, Jr. of Saint Paul’s Baptist Church of Richmond, Va. will deliver the homecoming message. Revival Services will begin on Tuesday, August 18th with Rev. Raleigh Harris of Jericho Baptist Church; Wednesday, Rev. Craig Beasley of Shiloh Baptist Church, and on Thursday, Rev. Irvin Woolfolk, Jr. Ebenezer Baptist Church, Supply VA.

Be in prayer for our church family as we enter into this revival season.

Services for Sunday 10am
Evening Services 7:30pm

Church Conference Line: (617)941-8490
Alternative Line: (520) 420-9092

Congratulations Daronte' Rollins!

St. John Baptist Church congratulate Daronte’ Rollins for accepting the role as Director of Family Services for Caroline Habitat. Daronte’ recently graduated from VCU with a Masters in Social Work. Daronte’ is a member of SJBC were he was active in the Youth Ministry. He attended Sunday School and was a devoted Junior Usher. He is the son of Katrina Rollins and the grandson of William and Fraulein Rollins.

We wish him well in his new role as Director.

Reflections: 2011 Homecoming
Church Reports

We are Praying For:

  • Brother Leslie Scott
  • Brother Lelia Carter
  • Sister Viola Shelton
  • Sister Bettye Cook
  • Sister Lauretta Pleasant
  • Sister Annie Mae Wright
  • Brother Percell Minor, Jr.

July Schedules
Preachers for July
•    1st Sunday - Rev. Joy Carter-Minor
•    2nd Sunday - Rev. Richard Monroe
•    3rd Sunday - Rev. Joy Carter-Minor
•    4th Sunday - Rev. Dr. Charles Baugham

Bible Study for June
1st, 2nd, 3rd Wednesdays

  • Read Joshua Chapters 1-24
  • Mid-day Bible Study 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Tuesday at noon

Call or log on to start meeting at 617-941-8490.

Church Reports
Trustees Report
New website in development
Tree maintenance postponed due to wet weather
Joint effect with other churches to help feed those in need has begun
Protective gear ordered
COVID-19 Testing: SJBC is on the list to be a testing site. Date will be announced.

Deacons Report
No immediate plans to re-enter church.
A letter will be sent out when regular services will resume.
Bible Study will continue during the summer months.

Deaconess Report
Communion packets available for pickup at the church.

Women's Ministry Report
Last meeting - Subject: Different mothers in the bible.

Thanks and Gratitude
Thank you Connie Anderson for your work with the St. John website!

Coming Soon!
Stay tuned for the new and improved St. John Baptist Church website! 

If you have articles, announcements, recipes, etc. to post in the newsletter, please contact Deacon Joyce Rollins at 804-448-2817. 

Submit all items by the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Birthday Acknowledgements
Birthday Acknowledgements

May He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

Psalm 20:4

Summer Salad Recipe:
Broccoli Salad with Bacon and Jalapeno

July Birthdays August Birthdays
1 Pastor W.G. Berryman 4 Ellen Wright
2 Patricia Blackett 6 Harry Rock, Jr.
3 Sherry Rock 7 Paula Wilson
5 Benjamin Woolfolk 8 Roxanne Carter
7 Shuray Coleman 9 Gloria Abrams
8 James Jackson, Jr. 10 Rev. James Parmer
10 Raymond Stronman
Ryland Boulware
11 Milton Bush
11 Mary Fox
Ianthe Peterson
12 Sonya Samuel
Repenzela Boulware
13 Welford Smith, Jr. 13 Latoya Blaze Lewis
14 Tammie Ballard 14 Joseph Woolfolk
Shaquelle Wright
15 Rosalind Reid
Connie Anderson
Thelma Boixley
Shirley Monroe
17 Michael Coleman
Lydell Fortune
Maliek Smith
16 Cheryl Monroe
Norma Holt
Isaiah Smith, Sr.
Mindy Nutter
19 Eddie Monroe
17 Margaret Chambers
Edna Roye
20 Jonathan Shabazz
18 Takeya Cook
Kenya Smith
23 Angela Minor
19 Kimber Foxx
Lucius Fortune
24 Carolyn Dudley
Ronald Samuel
20 Candi Smith 25 Tasharra Boxley
Jack Boulware
Cedric White
Florence Millhouse
Deneen Stewart
21 Corey Anderson 26 Felicia Jordan
22 Cody Goode 27 Larry Rock
23 Pamela Smith 28 Valarie Armstead
Tony Barner
Robert Monroe, Jr.
Daronte' Rollins
24 Daisha Lewis 29 Ann Smith
Chelsea Jones
Steve Rollins, Sr.
26 James Coleman 30 Rev. Robert Wright
27 Alysia Montaque
Stacey Monroe
Raquel Smith
31 Beverly Bertrand
Sarah Smith
Whitney Washington
28 Doris Carter
30 Diane Monroe-Heckstall
31 James Coleman, Jr.
Jacqueline Smith
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